What does the song 'In The Air Tonight' by 'Phil Collins'-1981 mean?

This song reached number 19 on the US charts and number 2 in the UK.  This was the first solo single by the former Genisis drummer. He offered it up to the band but they decided it was too 'simple' of a song. This is from the album Face Value which is what fans should have taken the songs for. What does it mean? What is in the air? You have probably heard the rumor (myth) about this song. That it is actually about someone drowning and someone not helping. The story continues that Phil was watching the whole thing. It is never clear why Phil wouldn't have helped the 'victim'. There are several versions to the story, they can all be found at Snopes.com. They are all untrue, every single one of them. As if the myth didn't have enough legs of it's own, Eminem included the story in his song "STAN" in 2000. This song is actually solely about the anger Collins felt as his first marriage fell apart and ending in a divorce. The mean things he says in the song are directed at his wife, who he later tried desperately to get back. So what was coming in the air that he was waiting for? The big fight that ended the relationship. A somber note yes, but this song is perfect for a dramatic buildup of anything and continues to show up in media of all kinds.
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