What does the song 'Beat It' by 'Michael Jackson'-1982 mean?

One of the biggest, best-known pop songs of all time.  Two Grammys and two AMA awards. It propelled MJ to stardom rarely seen. You could dance to it, sing to it and to top it off it had a rock guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen. Quincy Jones wanted him to write a song like 'My Sharona'. It turned out great but this is about the meaning. What about those lyrics? What did they mean? No, it was not a sexual innuendo, it was not about an abusive parent and it was not non-sensical.  It was about a rumble, also known as a gang fight. Most likely inspired by the classic musical 'West Side Story'. Jackson was a peace lovin' guy and his advice was not to fight, just Beat It (get the heack outta here). I'd like to hear what you think. Please feel free to comment below.
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