Stretched Framed Bugs Bunny 1960s/70s cartoon mix 35 X 24 Canvas montage

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Bugs Bunny 1960s/70s cartoon mix 35 X 24 Canvas montage

Image Hosting by Vendio
Image Hosting by Vendio

This is an AMAZING Bugs Montage.
You won't see anything like this ANYWHERE. Please don't fall for cheap imitations. I am the original. From a distance this looks like a picture of Bugs Bunny but look closer. Its actually mini-pictures that are about 1 inch by 1 inch with remarkable detail (click on "close up" image). The mini-pictures are 100's of actual scenes from all the classic 1960s and 1970s most famous cartoons including Bullwinkle, Speed Racer, Pink Panther and lots more. I have gathered and arranged these very carefully myself. I even had to use a few of the credit frames. Remarkably NO frames were used more than once and no color was adjusted to any individual frame. This is for the true collector. The entire item is 35 inches by 24 inches on REAL canvas.

Why is canvas better?

Well the more rich and distinguished look is a real plus. The biggest advantage of canvas prints over regular photographic prints is that unlike paper, canvas does not lose color and does not react easily to environmental factors, this is the reason canvas has been chosen for traditional artwork. Canvas is superior to paper not just because it is more stable, also because it actually retains color and prints much better than paper.

I guarantee this to be high quality and authentic. The uniqueness of this item cannot be understood truly until you see it in person. Please view it from extremely close-up then at least 10-15 away to get the complete effect.
Amazingly the farther you move it away the more detail you see.

I have created this myself. It will NEVER be mass produced.
VERY limited edition!!
No more than 25 will EVER be released!
My work has been featured nationally on both Coast To Coast AM & and has been purchased by museums. My art is owned by professional athletes, NFL coaches, celebrities and mixed media/pop art lovers in over 20 countries! My 'playing card mosaic kits' have been labled The Best Thing on Ebay.
Just check my latest feedback to be sure this is a high quality piece of work. If you're not happy I will give a No-questions-asked refund.
Check my other Ebay auctions for box framed
editions and smaller editions too, or I can make a custom one for you and let you purchase it through Ebay!!

My repeat customers are now in the 1000's. Here's what they're saying:
  • "1st thought: doesn't look like much. Then, from 10 feet away it becomes amazing!"-stickey

  • "Received my print today, Fantastic! great packing, fast shipping" -whompazzkitty 
  •  WOW, I can't stop looking at it!!-souc120
  • "WOW!..We will keep this forever!!!"-eddie0432
  • "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen" -hasty1
  • "The ultimate gift, he loved it and I knew he would get nothing else like it"-littletutut.
  • "excellent shipping time, the piece is AMAZING, my son is thrilled. THANKS!" -fairyland02
  • "Montage excellent , remarkable piece, very quick shipping"-jenniferg7815

    Winning bidder pays $6 priority ship

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