Limited Edition PINK PANTHER Golf Sericel 13X16 COA!


$ 39.99 


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Limited Edition PINK PANTHER Golf Sericel 13X16 COA!

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The one and only intelligent, witty and supremely handsome Pink Panther is perfect for the seasoned collector, or to be hung on the wall of a child's room! "Pink Panther Golf" is a limited edition Sericel with background officially licensed by MGM and Untited Artists Corporation! Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx: 13.5" x 16.5".

Listprice: $350.00

This Cool and Lanky Pink Cat was originally created by Friz Freleng and David DePatie for the opening credits of the film "The Pink Panther" (1964). "The Pink Panther" stared Peter Sellers as a Blundering French policeman named "Inspector Clueso", who is searching for a diamond named the The Pink Panther. Due to the Immense Positive feedback from audiences in regards to the animated pink cat, DePatie and Freleng immediately began working on a series of animated shorts featuring the Pink Panther as the main character! With no dialogue, just the Silky Smooth saxaphone playing of Henry Mancini, the cartoon gained a following, and landed a Saturday morning slot in the 1970's.

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