Amazing Framed Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout Bottlecap mosaic LE print


$ 19.98 


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Amazing Framed Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout Bottlecap mosaic LE print

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This is an AMAZING framed Limited Edition Bottle Cap Mosaic of Mike Trout.


You won't see anything like this print ANYWHERE.  From a distance this looks like a picture of  but look closer. Its actually 1000s of bottle caps (click on "close up" image). The bottle caps are from a variety of soda, beer, juice, tonic and other bottles. Many you are familiar with and some you probably aren't.  This is for the true collector. The entire item is approximately 9 inches by 11 inches and already framed ready for display.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not contain actual bottle caps. It is a limited edition print of original bottle cap art.  The original piece containing actual caps is a multi-thousand dollar piece that is not for sale. I am the creator and seller and am offering just a few, high quality numbered prints.

I guarantee this to be high quality and authentic. The uniqueness of this item cannot be understood truly until you see it in person. Please view it from extremely close-up then at least 10-15 away to get the complete effect.
Amazingly the farther you move it away the more detail you see.

I have created this myself. It will NEVER be mass produced.
VERY limited edition!!
No more than 25 will EVER be released!
 You will receive a framed print along with a numbered C.O.A. that has been hand-signed by the artist.

The art of Paul Van Scott work has been featured nationally on both Coast To Coast AM &, it has appeared on magazine covers and has been purchased by museums. His art is owned by NFL Hall of Fame coaches and has been requested by professional athletes, celebrities and mixed media/pop art lovers in over 20 countries!
Just check our latest feedback to be sure this is a high quality piece of work. If you're not happy we will give a No-questions-asked refund.

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$8.96 USPS Priority Mail®

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