Gag Prank Trick Holiday Birthday Greeting Wedding Anniversary Christmas Baby Housewarming Card full of MONEY! 100 Dollar Bills!

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Takes the gift card gag one step further with hilarious results. Front suggests there is money inside, recipient opens it and PRESTO there is! Oops, but wait. Turns out the money is not real but authentic, highest quality movie prop money.
Not real. Fake as all get out.
If you want you can write 'Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas" or anything on the front, plus lots of room inside to include a message. The card is professionally made with glossy front and matte inside on extra thick greeting card stock.
The reality is the recipient is getting kind of a neat gift....a real looking fake $100 bill(s). Includes plain white envelope.
We have options to include up to 5 prop $100 bills. Funny and memorable.