image Washington Redskins Chris Cooley pop art print

I make mosaics. I've made mosaics using poker chips, golf balls, photos, political buttons, M&M Candies and playing cards to name a few. I have designed and sold mosaics for over 10 years to celebrities, athletes and museums. I've made mosaics for covers of well known magazines, music albums and company logos. My work has been featured in many news articles by outlets such as Coast To Coast AM, TMZ, The Rod Serling Foundation, Grand Illusions, Cover Magazine, Thrillist magazine and more. Some of the news story links can be found on our home page.

This is an AMAZING Mosaic.
You won't see anything like this ANYWHERE. This is a picture that is actually made up of mini-pictures. Check out the 'close up' image for what the detail looks like. This is for the true collector.

I guarantee this to be high quality and authentic. The uniqueness of this item cannot be understood truly until you see it in person. Please view it from extremely close-up then at least 10-15 away to get the complete effect.

Amazingly the farther you move it away the more detail you see.

I have created this myself. It will NEVER be mass produced.
VERY limited edition!!
No more than 25 will EVER be released!

You will receive a print along with a numbered C.O.A. that has been hand-signed by the artist. Also as always there is a money back guarantee if you don't like it.